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Welcome to our Salzburger grain mills!
Milling according to old tradition and love of nature


For 40 years now, our down-to-earth family business has attached great importance to solid manual work.

We adhere to decades of tradition and respect and respect ancient knowledge.
We value natural materials.

Part of our conviction is that we do not produce mills on the assembly line.
Each of our employees is a craftsman and specialist in his field.

If work is done gladly, it usually becomes good.
That is what we all strive for, because we love our mills.

Cereals are one of the most important foods – we build mills for life, for more than a generation.

Since 1977 you can obtain Salzburg natural stone mills directly from the manufacturer.
We will be happy to advise you personally and manufacture your mill according to your wishes.
For allergy sufferers, we build mills with specially worked grinding stones, of course made of real granite and wood grinding chamber

Was zeichnet eine Salzburger Getreidemühle aus?
blankAugen auf beim Mühlenkauf

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You want to order?

But you’re not sure if we’re still delivering?
Yes, your question is justified because the Corona virus is holding us all in our breath. Even our small company is overloaded, but we can still deliver almost all mills immediately. With a few models we currently have a delivery time of about 14 days. We will informyou about a longer delay in delivery.

A grain mill should not be an acquisition for times of crisis, but your helper and friend in the kitchen for decades. Therefore, choose your mill with a lot of consideration. Rather wait a little longer and then have the right, the best mill at home.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, more mistakes could happen.

Especially our packers are extremely demanding and it may be that something goes wrong and one or two kilos of grain is confused. We hope for your understanding and forbearance.

Production errors are not to be expected – each mill is checked several times, as always.

If GLS does not handle delivery as punctually and reliably as usual, I would also ask the messengers to forgive those who have to cope with special challenges. They, too, make every effort to get your package as quickly and as best as possible.

Look at you! Look at me! under this motto, Austria is trying to cope well with the crisis.

Warm greetings from the Salzburger Land and best wishes to all of you wherever you are at home.

Christine Thurner and the entire team of Salzburg mill builders

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