Grind with natural stone

Old tradition and real craft

Since 1977 you have received Salzburg natural stone mills direct from the manufacturer. We would be happy to advise you personally and manufacture your mill according to your requirements.
For allergy sufferers, we build mills with specially processed grinding stones, of course made from real ones Granite and wood grinding room

Grinding with natural stone Old tradition and real craft

How long have you been looking for a flour mill?

Sometimes it takes weeks or months to take the decisive step.
We ask because a flour mill is an acquisition for decades and should be carefully considered.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we can no longer supply various mills until further notice.

A natural stone grain mill from Salzburg is a rarity. It pays to wait a few weeks.

For us there is no alternative: granite millstone instead of artificial stone. Wood milling chamber instead of a plastic milling chamber.

You can contact us at every mill. We will be happy to inform you about the planned waiting time.

Now take the next step and make your selection.
ENTER THE WAITING LIST – directly at the mill you have chosen.

We look forward to you choosing a natural stone mill from Salzburg. The time it takes for the mill to get to you passes faster than you think.

We thank you for your understanding!

For 40 years now, our down-to-earth family business has attached great importance to solid craftsmanship.

We stop Decades of tradition firm and preserve and respect ancient knowledge .
We appreciate the value natural materials .

Part of our conviction is that we no mills on the assembly line produce.
Each of our employees is a Craftsman and specialist in its field.

If work is done with pleasure, it is usually good too.
We all try to do that because we love our mills .

Grain is one of the most important foods - we build mills for life, for more than a generation.

What distinguishes a Salzburg grain mill?

Open your eyes when buying a mill


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